Activating Flow: Releasing the Power Within

Author Carl Heath | Former Athlete, Sportsman, Coach and Mentor with over 30 Years Experience

Inspired Through Depression: Born in 1968 and through family difficulties, I spent 9 years growing up in an orphanage (1974-1983). Switching off in my last year of school, I left with no qualifications or direction, and was soon wrapped up in the negative influences of life on the street. Struggling with stress and my mental health, I experienced an emotional break down and break through around the age of 18. 

In this book I'll share my life experience, going through the late 1980's dance and drug culture and how movement became my medicine, becoming an athlete, professional sportsman, and ultimately a coach and mentor. Going on a journey of self-discovery and healing, I became inspired to develop my work, taking the journey from the head back to the heartm and learning to switch on and tune into the universal flow of potential. 

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