Picture of The Amazing Time Travel Adventures of the Canadian Fearless Four

The Amazing Time Travel Adventures of the Canadian Fearless Four

Off to the Battle of Vimy Ridge & the D-Day Invasion!

In this thrilling time-travel adventure, join the Fearless Four, as they journey
back in time to the historic Battle of Vimy Ridge at the height of the Great
War in 1917. Brave teenagers, Max Iron Crow, from Siksika Nation, remarkable
Girl Guide “Ranger” Roxy, and her twin cousins’ “Piper” Freddie, and “Trooper”
Eddy, face bullets, bombs, and poison gas on their death-defying mission to save
Max’s great-great-grandfather, ace sharpshooter “Bulls Eye” Billy, from certain
doom in the horrors of no man’s land.

And that’s not all. The four then travel to the height of World War 2, joining the
legendary paratroopers of the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion during the D-Day
landings on June 6th, 1944. The fearless teens once again defy the odds, facing
incredible danger and a determined and merciless enemy, after parachuting into
Nazi-occupied Normandy to save the family of Roxy and her cousins.
And in addition to the page-turning excitement involving the Fearless Four,
taking place during two of the most pivotal battles in which Canadians ever fought,
the book features more than four hundred historical facts, cunningly woven into
the storyline, ideal for teachers and readers with a passion for military history.

Don’t miss this exciting time-travel story, featuring action, adventure, thrills,
and multiple twists and turns, as our four brave heroes travel to the past to save the

Rob Lennard B.A., A.C.M., V.R.C.,
is an historian, author and singer songwriter,
who has twice served as a judge for the Governor General’s
History Awards. He was a voluntary member of King’s
Own Calgary Regiment during the tenure of his late
father, Gordon Lennard, as Honorary Colonel.



222 Pages

ISBN: 9-780986-88382-8

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$14.95 (CAD)